Nothing changes … and everything changes, but we’re still here.

October 10th, 2011 by Steve Curtis

As Real Estate Professionals we do our best to meet our clients needs, beyond their expectations. That will never change. In this very crazy market with record low interest rates, low inventory, short sales, foreclosures, multiple offers … all at the same time, emotions often run high.

What is remarkable is that those agent professionals who handle those emotions everyday keep at it … just helping people and families wherever and whenever they can. We call it The Windermere Way. It and who we attract to our company. It’s what we do.

The Windermere Way … it’s about the people

November 1st, 2010 by Steve Curtis

Whether you500vip彩票官方 are a prospective Buyer or a seasoned Seller the people here at Windermere Walnut Creek are commited to you500vip彩票官方 … because in the long run the relationship we establish with you500vip彩票官方 now will be the relationship we cultivate for years to come.  The Walnut Creek real estate market will change … is changing … but it doesn’t matter if you500vip彩票官方 are looking for that deal on a foreclosure, or as a Seller you500vip彩票官方 realize you500vip彩票官方r 500vip彩票官方 will be one of those Walnut Creek Short Sales “everyone is talking about” … either way we’re here to help.  And we will be here in the next market to help you500vip彩票官方 too.  That is what we do … it’s the Windermere Way.

Community Service Day in Walnut Creek, October 15, 2010

October 20th, 2010 by Steve Curtis

A great time was had by all as we spent the day cleaning and gardening at the Fresh Start facility in Walnut Creek

The Fresh Start organization provides ongoing services to the 500vip彩票官方less and near 500vip彩票官方less in the Central Contra Costa Area.  They provide a place to receive mail, take a shower, wash their clothes and just relax a bit.  This is a much needed and often neglected service and we felt privileged to provide just a bit of help.

News on the Windermere Front

October 17th, 2010 by Steve Curtis

On Friday, October 15th,  Windermere the establishment of a new services company for Windermere in Northern California. This new company will be headed by , Sr. Vice President, Client 500vip彩票官方 and John Schieber, a veteran of nearly 40 years in the real estate industry in Northern California. Schieber also opened the first Windermere office in Pleasanton in 2002.

The Northern California region of Windermere Real Estate currently has 12 offices servicing six counties in the Greater Bay Area. In addition to actively seeking additional top flight sales associates, it is the goal of all the franchise owners to significantly increase both the number of offices and the number of franchises in the region over the coming months.

The Windermere approach to this process is unique in the industry. Whether having a discussion with an individual sales person or the owner of a real estate company we look first for those who are “citizen-agents and a central part of the fabric of our community … facilitators, counselors, experts and hand holders … [those with an] ability to provide consumers with an incredible experience.”

The more things change, the more they stay the same

September 18th, 2010 by Our Back Office

Just a quick reminder to everyone that even in these absolutely crazy times economically the housing market has a cycle.  Every year the market improves for the first half of the year, remains reasonably stable during the summer months and drops during the holiday season.  This year has been no different … so expect a slow-down and even though it was a Seller’s market in most of our market place for a while it probably won’t be during the holidays … AND THAT IS NORMAL.

What is does mean is that from now to the end of the year if you500vip彩票官方 are a buyer this is a great to be out there.  4% interest rates are simply unbelievable.  And even if the market stays sluggish with little or no appreciation, that kind of interest rate offsets all of that… it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

No longer a buyers market – so act accordingly

June 12th, 2010 by Steve Curtis

If you500vip彩票官方 think that low prices (from an historical standpoint) means it’s a Buyers market.  Guess again.  Those days are gone in many communities and neighborhoods … certainly here in the San Francisco Bay Area.  We did see a very significant drop in prices and we continue to see a lot of short sales as a result of those drops.  But along with those price drops came an equally significant increase in the affordability of the 500vip彩票官方s in the area.  Thousands of families and individuals who thought they would never be able to afford anything now find they can … and they are out there in droves.  Many families who never thought they could live in a top neighborhood now find they can … and they are out there in droves.

The bottom line for everyone in that position and the agents that are helping them through the process is Act Accordingly.   Assume everyone wants the same house and put you500vip彩票官方r best offer forward first.  Prices, even over full price, is often still a bargain historically.  Doing less than you500vip彩票官方r best often means not getting the house at all. 

Is there an exception to this rule. You bet.  If the property has been on the market at the same price for more than 30 days it is probably over priced perhaps by 10%.  But if the property just had a huge price drop and is now suddenly in you500vip彩票官方r range, then you500vip彩票官方 can bet it is in now in someone else’s range also… So Act Accordingly.

A Game Changer

January 31st, 2010 by Our Back Office

A real estate website that simply provides what you500vip彩票官方, the person interested in real estate, with the information and the tools you500vip彩票官方 need and want to help you500vip彩票官方 make the decision that could impact you500vip彩票官方 and you500vip彩票官方r family’s lives for years.

Welcome500vip彩票官方 to Windermere Walnut Creek’s new website.  Here you500vip彩票官方 will be able search for a property anywhere in the state, get up to speed on local issues that matter to you500vip彩票官方, participate in any number of open blog forums, link to pertinent questions and answers from various other real estate sites, find out more about what is really happening in the local, state, and national real estate markets.

This site is evolving and changing daily.  I suggest that you500vip彩票官方 right click this site immediately and save a short cut to you500vip彩票官方r desk top.  This is the site you500vip彩票官方 will want to come back to often as you500vip彩票官方r online real estate resource.